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Let Dr. Stanley's sermons guide you week by week into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Television, radio, and web versions work together seamlessly to create a unique and compelling learning experience.

The Broadcast companion is a tool best used when watching Dr. Stanley's television broadcast. To access the online sermon videos, please go to the Watch section. To access printable Sermon Notes, go to the Sermon Notes page.


Recent Sermons

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Dr. Charles Stanley

Jan 17 – Hearing God's Voice

Dr. Charles Stanley

Jan 10 – Our Burning Bushes

Dr. Charles Stanley

Jan 3 – Staying in Step With God



Sermon Outlines


For each of Dr. Stanley’s sermons, you’ll find an outline with an easy-to-understand summary, main points highlighted, and questions to help you apply biblical truths to your life in a practical way.

Take Notes


Now, you can take all your notes in one place while you're watching the message on TV. You can easily copy Dr. Stanley's Sermon Outline directly into your notes, and your notes can be saved to your private profile and accessed alongside the accompanying sermon video. Any time you watch the same message online, your notes are right there with you to save, edit, or simply cherish.

Integrated Bible


There's nothing better than having the Word of God by your side during every message. If your Bible isn't handy, you can easily read along as Dr. Stanley covers the main and supporting Scripture passages with the revolutionary integrated Bible, powered by Copy and paste verse into your notes, see better context for a single verse, and navigate throughout the Bible without losing your place!